Sunday, May 25, 2008

Great Find! Royalty-Free Photo Objects

I'm always on the lookout for useful products for video, and today I found a gem! While shopping at Big Lots™ I came across a CD-ROM from Cosmi™. The CD is, "5000 Photo Objects" and you can get it here for $6.99! {Actually my girlfriend found it, so cudos to Edith!}
What is so great about a disc of photos? Well, first it contains 5000 useful images, I mean most of the images are very useful. It's hard to find a disc where you think you can use just about everything on it! The second thing is ALL of the objects are against a white background, so you can easily layer them over video in your NLE - just key out the white background! The third thing is every photo on the CD is royalty free. So you can use them in your productions. And last-but not least- it was only $2.00! at Big Lots ($6.99 from Cosmi™)
You can't beat that.
Categories include People, Animals, Household Objects, and tons more! Stuff you can really use and good resolution too.
The library of photo objects, complete with vector-based clipping paths, is sorted by category for quick retrieval. Browse through over 19 categories. Includes:
• People
• Animals
• Business
• Nature
• Sports & Recreation
• Household Items
• Holidays & Occasions
• Food & Drink

Images can easily be placed into any graphic, word processing or presentation project. Including Video. Whether you’re searching for something business-like or totally fun and unique, 5,000 Photo Objects has your photographic clip art needs covered!
This is definitely a CD you'll want in your library. Drop by your local Big Lots™ or try Office Depo™, they may have it. Or just order it from Cosmi™. I think when you look through the photos on the disc you'll be as excited as I am about it. To the right of this article are a few from the various categories.
The disc contains no video, just photos. Still very useful for video objects. Fresh new images are hard to find, and these images are great for making a point.
Here is a little video I made using a Photo Object:

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