Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Show - Mastering Movie Edit Pro, Coming Soon!

I've been working on a new show concept for a while now, and I have the intro finished so it's time to announce it. The program will be called, Mastering Movie Edit Pro. It will be a little program I will add to my blog here to show advanced tips on using Magix Movie Edit Pro video editing software.
I had the idea to produce this when I was shooting Conundrums, my cryptozoology show. As I would show clips around folks would ask how I did this or that? I figured I'd get around to making some tutorials at some point.

Last October when I began using Digital Juice products with the editor and exploring alpha channels in more depth I figured people should know that the software will perform like a professional suite costing much more, and how to get the most from it. So I thought about how to do the show then.

After watching several DJTV episodes on I worked out the format for the program. But it wasn't until after I found a program that will record the screen of my computer that it came together. If I'm going to show the tips I needed to show the screen without flicker. This is what made it possible. I tested the screen recorder and it appears to be working well.

Above you will find a 10 second video of the introduction graphics of the show with it's music. This was made using Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 and Digital Juice graphics & music. The show will have it's own look & feel style from the Digital Juice Editors Toolkit products.

The show will not have a set schedule. I'll make them when I can and post them here. My plan is to have about two per month. Some will be simple things and others will be far more advanced. I think you'll like it!
So look forward in the coming weeks for the first program. Bookmark this site and visit often! And I'll see my viewfinder...

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