Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Camping Rig - Location Shooting

On another subject, I love to camp. And my sweet and talented girlfriend Edith does too, which is convenient for both of us! After spending our first few camping trips in a little dome tent we got tired of sleeping on the ground. So, we got a new rig. I shot this video of our new tent system for our family blog and thought I'd share it here with you too...

The wonderful thing about this system is it's easy to put together and no where near the cost of a pop-up or camper. In fact I'd say you could get this thing together in about as much time it would take to set up a pop-up, probably less. Since I shoot video on cryptozoological subjects occasionally I am in the woods alot. This rig is fantastic! We have an inverter in the car for power and if needed there is A/C and the radio. The inverter is perfect for charging camcorder batteries!
Plus, you are not sleeping on the hard ground. The tent is big enough for a full size cot too. So if camping is your thing, or you need a portable headquarters for your video work you may want to invest in something like this.
Now when we camp at a lake or park, we just pull into an RV pad and there is water, power and all the amenities. I've got great shots of wildlife, lakes and forest from our base camp. It's fun and I'm able to be set up in the areas I need to shoot.
You can get a tent like ours here: http://www.campersland.com/spz85000.html
Camping is fun for the whole family and with gas prices up it's a cheaper vacation alternative to hotels and flying. You may be surprised how many great shots and video you can shoot at a local park or lake! Plus the rustic look of a cabin or outdoor scene can dress up a video nicely.

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