Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video Umbrella Lights

While surfing UTube for some video deals I came across these lights. Available from EPhotoDiscounters, the lights are a bargain for your video studio. At only $49.99 (Buy It Now Price) these lights are perfect for a small studio or home system. Professional studios too.

Advertised as photography lights they will work fine in a Video Studio.

For the price you get:

2 x 7 feet light stand
2 x AC swivel umbrella holder
2 x 32" translucent umbrella
2 x 35w perfect daylight 6400K bulb

The florescent lights with the umbrella will cast a nice soft glow on your subject helping you to smooth out harsh shadows. Add a hair light and you have a good basic 3 lighting system. This is a cool but basic system and the stands appear to be lightweight so you may need to weigh them down lest someone tip one over, but in a pinch the kit is a nice addition to your video arsenal.

Thought you may want to check that out. It is a pretty good deal. The seller appears to have a good feedback record but with a few neutral and negative feedback responses. None appear recently. I have also seen these lights advertised for the same price from other dealers so I doubt they are as durable as the $150 versions, but priced right for their size and construction.

A good lighting system is essential for quality studio productions. Lights like these will give you a good no hassle light kit and make interviews or on camera work easier and look great!

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